About Cognitive Philosophy

What is Cognitive Philosophy? The short answer is that it’s the best name I could come up with. A longer answer is that Cognitive Philosophy aims to be a place for discussions of all sorts of topics that I find interesting within the field of cognitive science. These tend to revolve around consciousness, agency and ethics (though memory seems to pop up a lot these days). Posts on Cognitive Philosophy are not dictionary entries, but philosophical explorations of ideas that will hopefully serve as starting points for conversation. Please feel free to jump right in and be a part of the conversation!

A holistic understanding of cognition as revealed by the integration of the many fields under the umbrella of cognitive science tends to seem like a prohibitive undertaking. But as we come to understand more about cognition, and as technology progresses, we as a society, and all of us as individuals, will need to have the tools to deal with our changing culture. So maybe most importantly, Cognitively Philosophy seeks to help people think about their own mental states, their own existence, through the lens of the cognitive sciences.